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This is a stunning piece from Armani's highest quality line, Giorgio Armani.  It is from the Mainline collection.  It is made of lambskin leather with a hair almost astrakhan finish.  The leather is of the highest quality and very very supple.  It of course fits wonderfully on the body.  See the photos.

The cut and the elegant styling oozes quality and luxury, makes you feel like a million dollars when it slides over your shoulders.  The photos speak for themselves.

Giorgio Armani Lambskin Hair Leather Pea coat EU48 Medium / EU50 Large Jacket

SKU: N01255

EU48 - Medium

  • Arm Length: 25.75"    
  • Chest: 22"     
  • Shoulder width: 18.25"    
  • Over All Length: 19.5"


EU50 - Large

  • Arm Length: 25.75"    
  • Chest: 22.5"     
  • Shoulder width: 18.5"    
  • Over All Length: 30"


Colour - Brown
Material - Leather with a hair finish - see photos  looks almost like Astrakhan 


RRP: Approx. £3200


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